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With more than 90 years of experience in the printing industry, Perretta Graphics is the global leader in remote ink controls. Cutting-edge innovation has led to the most advanced open fountain solution on the market today: the P3500 series remote ink control system.


Custom Solutions Unique to You

The P3500 system can be installed on multiple different presses and press configurations, and integrates seamlessly with many Closed Loop Color Systems

Our in-house engineering staff will custom fit solutions for your press profile.

The P3500 Ink Control System is made up of multiple components that all play a role in delivering unmatched quality, reliability, and accuracy.


Our leak proof ink fountain blade assemblies are segmented for precise ink flow and zonal control. Unlike ink fountains that rely on inexact "spring-back" positioning, the P3500 uses a direct-drive "push-pull" system that ensures high mechanical integrity for precise and accurate segment positioning. 


Each segment is individually driven by a digitally controlled motor. It moves linearly to the ink fountain roller as opposed to an angular movement associated with other ink control systems. 

Blade assemblies are custom sized to fit any press, web or sheet fed and heat set, cold set or UV. Every assembly also comes with a Lifetime Warranty against leaks.

To see the system in action, watch the video below. Download our Remote Ink Control sales sheet for more detailed information.

Contact Us

Director of Global Sales

Ms. Jean Laird

Telephone: (469) 767-5794


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