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P3500 Digital Preset Center

Perretta Graphics’ P3500 Digital Preset Center acts as a bridge between your prepress system and our P3500 Remote Ink Control System through a secure Ethernet connection. The CIP3/CIP4 or tiff files produced from your prepress system are used to automatically set the ink fountains.  

This reduces your make-ready time, saving both materials and ink and lets you print higher quality product sooner. The easy to use software also means that you can shift manpower to other critical tasks. Taking full advantage of this system typically translates into a return on investment in under two years.

Digital Preset


Designed for Newspapers

The P3500 Digital Preset Center Advanced is specifically designed for newspaper applications. It was designed to accommodate single and double width newspaper presses. 

The P3500 offers two methods of adjusting the preset curve for any fountain: Percent Multiplier and Self Learning.

Percent Multipler

With this method, a percent multiplier is applied for a uniform offset. We currently accommodate eleven different paper stock types. 

Self-Learning Feature

A self-learning feature evaluates and refines preset accuracy by comparing the digital preset values to the settings of a saved Color OK for a job. It makes automatic corrections to compensate for the differences between them, using the previous six jobs for analysis.


For more information, download our Digital Preset Center sales sheet.

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