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Quality printing requires precise control of ink film thickness across a beverage can’s printed area. The faster this is achieved, the more waste and labor can be reduced. Traditionally, ink film thickness is controlled by manually adjusting the ink fountain blades with thumbscrews or a hex key wrench.


The Perretta Graphics Remote Ink Control system replaces traditional manual controls with computer-guided motorized assemblies. Typically, this replacement results in a return on investment in under 2 years.

The Perretta Graphics Remote Ink Control system replaces traditional manual controls with motorized assemblies. 


Electronically controlled fountain blades allow operators to quickly, safely, and precisely adjust the ink zones from a touch screen HMI. Operators no longer need to reach into running decorators to manually adjust ink keys, reducing injury as well as damage to equipment.


The Perretta Graphics Decorator Ductor Control allows press operators to remotely adjust ink coverage by controlling the pneumatically operated ink ductor roller for each inker on the decorator.  Modifications to the ductor can be made by the main ink control touch-screen HMI, the Ductor Control HMI, or from preset data from the Digital Preset Center. 


The Perretta Graphics system presets the ink fountain blade and pneumatic ink ductor before the first can is printed, drastically reducing startup time, and ultimately reducing waste and labor.


The position of individual ink blade segments and ductors are preset using the data derived from the prepress plate image or a library of previously saved jobs. The preset accuracy is continuously fine-tuned using an intelligent learning algorithm. As process conditions change, the preset intuitively adapts.

How It Works


There are numerous benefits to the Perretta Graphics system over the OEM inkers currently installed on decorators.

Easy to Learn

The Perretta Graphics system is intuitive and easy to use. New hires can set salable color with minimal training.

More Ergonomic

The touchscreen HMI is located directly at the blow-off chute. 

Faster Wash-up Between Runs

Quickly adjust ink keys in order to give operators full access to the inkers during wash-up procedures. 

Reduced Ink Leakage

Less maintenance and downtime due to ink leakage between ink key segments and cheeks over traditional decorator inkers. 

Reduced Manpower Needs

Manpower can be allocated to other labor-intensive operations during a label change.

Auto Learning

Adapts to changing decorator conditions that operators are not aware of, and becomes more accurate over time. 

Increased Fountain Roller Longevity

The Perretta Graphics fountain blade does not contact the fountain roller, thus reducing the heat and wear of the roller.

Reduced Hold-for-Inspections

High zonal control and less misting result in cleaner and more accurate printing, reducing the number of Hold-for-Inspections required. 

Increased Safety

Ink keys are adjusted remotely through a touchscreen HMI, meaning that the operator has less interaction with the moving parts of a running decorator.

Enables Quick Label Change

The ease of use and precision of the Perretta Graphics system eliminates common bottlenecks in the label change process. This extends to “lifts”, allowing the operators to quickly reload previous jobs when required. 

Less Damage to Equipment

Operators no longer need to use wrenches to manually adjust color, completely eliminating damage to the equipment that is caused by dropped wrenches.

Less Maintenance

Perretta Graphics rebuilds damaged fountain blades, allowing plant employees to focus on other needs. 

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Ms. Jean Laird

Telephone: (469) 767-5794


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