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Perretta Graphic’s offers four products for register control;

  • Remote Color Register Control

  • Automatic Closed Loop Color Register Control

  • Print to Cut Register Control

  • Register Motorization Packages


Remote Color Register 


The P3500 Remote Color Register offers control of press registration through the P3500 Ink Control Desk or our stand alone P3500 Register Desk. Our software communicates with most press motor controllers and PLC’s.


Automatic Closed Loop Register Control


The P3500 Automatic Closed Loop Color Register Control Systems, employs advanced image technology to automatically control color register. Customers can operate our system through our P3500 Ink Control Desk or our stand alone P3500 Register Desk..



  • Camera based technology; employs the use of sophisticated image analysis technology from RGB values.

  • One dot for each color

  • Reads and controls 6 colors per web side

  • .015”(.381mm) diameter dot size

  • Controls register to within .001” inches

  • Reads process or special colors

  • Advanced LED light source

  • Automatic paper stock tint compensation

  • Live view of registration dots for trouble shooting process condition

Print to Cut Register Control


The P3500 Print-to-Cut Register Control allows precise control of the printed image location to the folder cutoff through the P3500 Ink Control Desk or our stand alone P3500 Register Desk.



  • Full auto mode – run to a preset target value

  • Manual mode – manually run to a desired target

  • Work-station networked; capable of handling up to sixteen webs

  • Uses intelligent CCD camera with onboard image analysis 

  • Cut-off mark is .04” equal length triangle

  • Hold cut off to within + .015”

  • Display a trend value of cut off throughout a press run



Perretta Graphics provides motorization solutions for horizontal and vertical press lines that have manual controls.



  • Circumferential Motors, Lateral Motors and Compensator Motors.

  • Can be controlled from a Manual Rocker Switch Panel or Remote GUI Workstation.

  • Includes Manual Override and Integrated Limit Switch.

  • OEM and Turnkey packages available for Goss Community® SSC, Goss Urbanite® and many other press manufactures.





The register camera assemblies are pre-wired for easy installation.  All cables, including terminations, are included for pre-wiring the control consoles, junction boxes and register camera assemblies.



  • Industrial Grade fanless computer with SSD.

  • Windows Embedded® based platform with easy to use menus

  • Industrial Grade 17” 3M® Touch Screen Monitor

  • Advanced Cameras with LED light source




Heavy duty construction specifically built to handle the pressroom environment. Designed and manufactured in the USA.


Electronic Circuitry

  • Computer and electronic circuits are protected by a Universal Power Supply. 

  • UL Certified




The Perretta Network is a secure network linking the P3500 Control Console and register cameras via Ethernet.


GUI Screens


Vertical Press - Register Control 


Horizontal Press - Register Control 


Print to Cut Register Control 

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