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The P3500 series remote ink control system is the most advanced open fountain solution on the market today.  It can be installed on a multitude of different presses and press configurations.  Our in-house engineering staff will custom fit solutions for your press profile.  The benefits of our remote ink system are improved quality, labor reduction, reduced make ready costs and reduced running costs.  These cost saving benefits typically translate into a return on investment in under two years. 

Components of the P3500 Remote Ink System


  • Segmented fountain blade assemblies with 1.5” keys. Lifetime warranty against leaks.


  • Control Console  with 17” 3M® touch screen monitor (optional second screen for customer equipment)


  • Ink and/or  Water Roller Speed Controls (optional)


  • Digital Preset Center (optional)


  • Closed Loop Color Integration (optional)


Fountain Blade Assemblies


Our leak proof ink fountain blade assemblies are segmented for precise ink flow.


Unlike ink fountains that rely on inexact “spring-back” positioning, the P3500 uses a direct-drive “push-pull” system. The drive-shaft features a captive-screw principle with preloaded thrust bearings that ensure high mechanical integrity, for precise and accurate segment positioning.


Each segment is individually driven by its own digitally controlled motor. Our drive motor reliability is unmatched by any other ink control system. Blade assemblies are custom sized to fit any press, web or sheet fed and heat set, cold set or UV.


Individual segments move linearly to the ink fountain roller as opposed to an angular movement associated with other ink control systems. The result is a more positive response to the operator's commands.


Control Console


The P3500 Ink Control Console is our control center with advanced software and electronics that provide unmatched precision, accuracy and speed in controlling and pre-setting ink fountains. 


The ink console includes a bar graph display that shows exact blade segment positions. Changes can be made with rocker switches or the 17” touch screen’s easy to use ink adjustment keyboard, which includes plus and minus settings for each individual segment and an overall plus and minus adjustment..


The Process Control Tool Bar lets operators run multiple press control functions from a single source.

  • Remote control of ink keys

  • Ink and Water Roller Speed Control (optional)

  • Automatic or Remote Color to Color Register (optional)

  • Print to Cut Register (optional)

  • Digital Preset (optional)

Console Hardware

  • Industrial Grade fanless computer with SSD

  • High resolution bar graph display with analog and digital callout for each segment position

  • Windows Embedded® based platform with easy to use menus

  • Industrial Grade 17” 3M® touch screen monitor

  • Optional second monitor


P3000 164 Control Console

Console Dimensions

    41” D x 61” W (33” x 46” lay down)

    41” D x 87” W (33” x 72” lay down)

    54” D x 97” W (46” x 72” lay down)

    Additional sizes are available




Ink and Water Speed Control


Perretta offers an option to control the ink and water roller speeds of your press. This allows the rollers to ramp with press speeds and users are able to custom configure ink and water curves. Operators control these functions from the ink control console and also have press side controls for fine tuning without having to return to the console.



Digital Preset Center


Perretta Graphics’ P3500 Digital Preset Center acts as a bridge between your prepress system and our P3500 Remote Ink Control System. The CIP3/CIP4 or tiff files produced from your prepress system are used to automatically set the ink fountains.  



  • Material Savings - paper and ink

  • Reduces make-ready time

  • Reduces man power needed

  • Higher quality product sooner


These additional cost saving benefits  will increase your return on investment. 


Additional information on the P3500 Digital Preset Center product page

Closed Loop Color Integration

The  P3500 Remote Ink Control System integrates seamlessly with many Closed Loop Color Systems. Please contact us for a list of vendors we integrate with.



GUI Screens


Horizontal Press - Ink Control


Vertical  Press - Ink Control


Ink and Water Master Control

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